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Support Offered

Recovery from childhood trauma can take a long time, and some never fully recover. It is therefore necessary to have access to services that are open-ended, where no time limit is imposed and where the support to those affected by child sexual abuse continues for as long as necessary. Healing and Support offers an “open-ended” model of support that is there for as long as the person wants it.  Because the support offered to individuals is unique and will differ from person to person, Healing and Support presents as being “atypical” from traditional services. 

Child sexual abuse has a ripple effect that can last for many years and affect those close to the individual who was abused. Disclosing abuse may provide some sense of relief for the individuals who suffered the abuse, but it may also initiate a crisis for other family members and loved ones who had been unaware of their loved one’s personal trauma.

Other family members and loved ones may require assistance in dealing with their own reactions.  Assisting family members and other supporters often means increasing their capacities and further enabling them to continue to provide help to those directly affected, which consequently enhances their recovery. Providing support to the immediate relations of a survivor allows for a more effective holistic support service. This support may include facilitation of counselling, linking people into groups or one-on-one interaction with someone from a similar situation.