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Victim support in the criminal justice system

In accordance with diocesan policy, Healing and Support (Zimmerman Service) will report any criminal matter to the relevant Police. Healing and Support will assist those who choose to pursue their right for justice. 

It is the client’s right to choose whether they pursue their right for justice against the person or persons who abused them. Healing and Support also receives a number of referrals from NSW Police, usually shortly after the individual has reported their abuse. As such, Healing and Support may be involved from the beginning to the end of the criminal justice process from investigation to sentencing (if a guilty verdict is given).

The support offered by Healing and Support includes:

  • supporting the person in making a statement to the police
  • preparation and support for the client and any family members in giving evidence at court
  • assistance in writing impact statements for sentencing hearings
  • liaising between the client and the police and the office of public prosecution during court proceedings.